“...Kerri supported everyone as they supported me

Kerri pushed me in the exact way that I needed to be pushed. She coached my husband in the way HE needed to be coached and directed my sister, also part of my labor team, in the way SHE needed to be directed. Kerri was able to identify all of our intimate needs through the process and be there for all of us, which was imperative to me. Yes, I was the one giving birth, but the experience was not mine alone, and Kerri supported everyone as they supported me. I was able to achieve my goal of having a 100% medication-free birth, even though I was ready to throw in the towel in the very early hours! Kerri was my rock and my strength when I absolutely did not have it in me.

— Mama Randi


“Dream doula...”

Kerri was a dream doula; experienced, nurturing and wise. My labor and delivery would have gone much less smoothly without her support, both physical and emotional. I have so much gratitude to have experienced the beautiful and challenging labor and delivery process alongside such a gifted doula. 

— Mama Kholi 

“She helped me through every step...

I had my best birth and had a truly wonderful day. I labored at home most of the morning - Kerri came to check on me around 12pm - she encouraged me to get out, take a walk. Kerri, my husband and I went to get lunch and laughed together (in between contractions). After getting back to my apartment she literally held me up as I had some hard contractions. Once at the hospital she was coaching me through every contraction and physically holding me up. My healthy little boy was born an hour and a half after getting to the hospital. I couldn’t have had that labor if Kerri wasn’t there to walk through it with me. She helped me through every step and it was truly a gift for her to be there to support my husband and I as we brought our son into the world.

-Mama Emily