Kerri was a dream doula; experienced, nurturing and wise. My labor and delivery would have gone much less smoothly without her support, both physical and emotional. I have so much gratitude to have experienced the beautiful and challenging labor and delivery process alongside such a gifted doula.
— K

Kerri pushed me in the exact way that I needed to be pushed. She coached my husband in the way HE needed to be coached and directed my sister, also part of my labor team, in the way SHE needed to be directed. Kerri was able to identify all of our intimate needs through the process and be there for all of us, which was imperative to me. Yes, I was the one giving birth, but the experience was not mine alone, and Kerri supported everyone as they supported me. I was able to achieve my goal of having a 100% medication-free birth, even though I was ready to throw in the towel in the very early hours! Kerri was my rock and my strength when I absolutely did not have it in me.
— R

Maggie was an absolutely fantastic doula - I would not hesitate to hire her again! My daughter arrived via induction two weeks late after my water broke, but labor didn’t start. It was such a stressful time for me, but Maggie was a lifesaver - she was in constant communication with me as my due date approached and fielded about a gazillion questions from me! Shas a warm, funny personality and she was a calming, reassuring presence throughout the birth. When she showed up at the hospital at 2 am my husband and I both breathed a sigh of relief! She did so much to help me manage the pain - without her I would never have been able to avoid the epidural. She was also super helpful to my husband and allowed him to take a nap during my 18 hours of labor! She is a wonderful resource, especially for a first time mom and she also helped me with breastfeeding after my daughter was born. Even now, months later, I know I can reach out to her for advice or just a trusted second opinion. Maggie is a wonderful doula and an awesome woman - I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— A

I can’t recommend Maggie highly enough.

As a first time parent, there is so much unknown as far as labor, delivery, postpartum healing breastfeeding, etc... A lot of times I felt like I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Maggie gave great advice while supporting the decisions we made for our family. My husband and I learned so much from our meetings with her before and after our son was born.

At the hospital, Maggie made a great team with the nurses and midwives, and we felt 100% supported throughout the labor and delivery. She made our birthing experience so positive, and I really appreciated her breastfeeding support right after our son was born. Maggie is also an excellent photographer, and the photos she took are absolutely gorgeous.

On top of everything else, Maggie is a simply lovely person. She has a great sense of humor and is very calming. We absolutely plan to use her again for any future pregnancies.
— K+R
My husband and I both agree that Maggie was the best investment we made during my pregnancy. I decided at 37 weeks that I wanted to work with a doula and found Maggie thru a recommendation in a Mom’s group on FB. I knew that I wanted to work with Maggie based on her self-proclaimed “funniest woman you’ll (ever) meet” on her website. It’s true. The minute I met her in person I knew I would hire her, we just clicked—she is the perfect combination of down to earth, funny and smart and experienced so that she can empower you to be the best, most confident, strongest you during pregnancy, labor, pushing, and then Mama once your baby is here. Having her a text message or phone call away was invaluable before during and after—I have sent her photos of things that I would NEVER send to anyone else—and she is happy to receive them!

Regarding approach, I loved that Maggie was open to my having an epidural if I decided I wanted one, which I did end up having, and that she is so supportive of however YOU want to approach your birth. I was unsure if I wanted an epidural and when I had to go on pitocin because my contractions didn’t start after my water broke, Maggie was able to keep me calm in the delivery room and had a whole bag of tricks that helped to dilate me faster. My OB was around more than I thought she would be but my nurse was annoying and Maggie was the perfect energy in the room to help keep me caon and collected and have the best possible birth experience.

During our prenatal appointment, I was concerned about not being able to make milk because I had a breast reduction years ago and Maggie kept telling me “your boobs work” and then showed me how to express colostrum—which worked!—and when I saw it I was amazed. And she kept repeating to me “your boobs work” whenever I would see her—and guess what—they do! My baby is 3 months old and exclusively breastfed.

Look no further, hire Maggie, you will not regret it!!!
— L

I had my best birth and had a truly wonderful day. I labored at home most of the morning - Kerri came to check on me around 12pm - she encouraged me to get out, take a walk. Kerri, my husband and I went to get lunch and laughed together (in between contractions). After getting back to my apartment she literally held me up as I had some hard contractions. Once at the hospital she was coaching me through every contraction and physically holding me up. My healthy little boy was born an hour and a half after getting to the hospital. I couldn’t have had that labor if Kerri wasn’t there to walk through it with me. She helped me through every step and it was truly a gift for her to be there to support my husband and I as we brought our son into the world.
— E

Choosing Maggie as our birth doula was such a good decision! She prepared us for and guided us through 24 hours of labor with gentle strength and unflagging support, and her advice for late pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery was invaluable. I would recommend her without reservation to any expectant mother.
— A